What are the Benefits of Getting High Security Locks?

Locks are very important for keeping both us and our items safe. However, most people do not think about the lock that is in their doors, because there are various types of locks that are available to use. High security locks are mostly used by businesses because they provide more security and there are different keys that can be used with them. Here are a few of the benefits of using high security locks.

1. Tamper-Proof Options

Locks that use traditional keys can be easily picked using tools that you can buy online or find at hardware stores. Some locks can be broken within a just a few minutes if someone wanted to.  Many high security locks are designed to be nearly impossible to pick without having professional tools because the locking mechanism corresponds with specific pins that are your key. However, a professional lock smith with specialized tools can still unlock these locks if you happen to lose your keys.

2. More Difficult to Duplicate the Keys

There are many keys that are stamped with ‘do not duplicate’ on them. However, these keys are not for high security locks and are duplicated a lot. Many high security locks use restricted keys that are designed with unique patents, which prevents these keys from being duplicated at most hardware stores. These keys are only meant to be duplicated by licensed locksmiths. If you are re-keying high security locks, you should make sure the locksmith is trained to work with high security keys and locks.

3. Monitor Your Business and Home Remotely

The increased amount of technology that we use every day has changed the way that we use locks and keys. There are high tech locks that enable you to unlock, lock, and even your alarm your business or home with your smartphone, or computer. Depending on the lock that is installed, if the alarm is tripped, you will get an alert. You may also have the option to contact the local police department from the smartphone app.

4. You have More Control over Access

The main benefit of high security locks is that you have control over who has access to your home or business. Businesses can easily take advantage of the master key system, which allows authorized personnel into areas that are pre-approved. This helps keep the unauthorized use of areas and buildings from occurring, which can help limit the risk of employee theft.

Having one master key for your deadbolts and doorknobs means that anyone with that key has access to your whole home. If you are planning to have a live-in nanny, a regular housekeeper, or someone who rents a room, a master key system can help limit the amount of access that these people have in your home. This does take some planning because you need to make sure that they have access when they need to, but not when they should not be in your home. 

High security locks are a great option for both homes and businesses. There are many unique high security locks on the market, and each comes with their own benefits.

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