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Most people do not think about a residential locksmith until they find themselves locked out of their homes. Of course that is a critical time and a person’s safety and comfort is at risk. Steel Locksmiths are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to assist in this emergency situation. They arrive at the address with all the tools, knowledge and skill needed to ensure safe access. However, a residential locksmith is available to take care of other needs as well.

 It is recommended that residents have their locks inspected and the locks evaluated for their quality and operation bi- annually. Unfortunately, this is a service many neglect. A faulty lock can allow access for criminals into a residence. They rarely will use the front door to try and break in. A home is only as safe as its weakest lock.

Security locks, bolt locks and gate locks all play into the security of a home. However, locks also serve another purpose. Though it is important to consider the elements you want to keep out; it is equally important to consider the people who live in the home. If a senior citizen or child needs to exit a home due to smoke, fire, or other emergencies; can they operate the locking system? If they are not strong enough, or if they cannot reach the locking systems; they are trapped inside. It is essential that there are adequate security locks but that the people inside do not become victim to the very locks installed to protect them. This is an evaluation a professional locksmith does every day.

This is where the training and skill of a professional locksmith is most needed. He can provide options that you may have never considered. He is a professional and can give insight to the residential homeowner. By discussing a families personal needs and considering the whole of the family who live at that address, the locksmith can customize the locks to satisfy the needs of that particular family.

Stolen keys or reclaiming a rental property after the lease is over mandates the locks to a home be changed. Neglecting this responsibility allows people to have full access to everything at that location. It is a well-known script to law enforcement. It is a small investment in security. It is a small investment in the safety of the family living at that address.

The smart residential property owner establishes a relationship with a quality locksmith before an emergency arises. Once that relationship is formed, the locksmith is a good partner to have. The locksmith is a key player in the safety of a property owner. Just as a car owner should not wait until his car is broken to establish a relationship with a mechanic; a property owner should not wait until there is an emergency to consider a

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