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If you have moved into to a new home or lost your keys, you have most likely thought about if you should change locks. Along with changing your locks, there is also the option to rekey locks. Rekeying locks is not a very well-known option, but it can save you time and money when securing your home.

What are Rekey Locks?

Changing a lock is self-explanatory because it refers to removing the old lock and replacing it with a new lock. The process of rekeying locks is harder to explain since it makes the lock work with a different key without needing to replace the whole lock. This means that you can keep the lock, but your old keys will not work anymore.

When locksmiths have to rekey locks they will adjust the key pins or tumblers, so the old key does not work anymore. The tumblers inside the lock can be completely replaced, so a new key will work. While this may sound complicated, most times rekeying a lock only takes a few minutes to an hour. The amount of time will depend on the lock and the tools that are being used.

Should You Change Locks or Rekey Locks?

Both changing and rekeying a lock has advantages. Changing a lock allows you to switch the type of lock that is being used. Replacing a lock will take longer since the old lock takes time to remove and the new one needs to be installed. This can be helpful if the door lock is old, is starting to stick, or the key is not working as intended.

Rekeying a lock is a great option for newer locks. It does take less time to have the work completed because the locksmith is only adjusting and not replacing the pins. You can also have custom keys made to work with a rekeyed lock.

Some people have brand new locks rekeyed, so other people will not have similar keys. In some older locks, rekeying is not possible since the pins are damaged. In these cases, you can have the interior locking mechanism replaced. This can allow older homes to keep the original handles but replaces the inside of a look.

The best option for your lock will depend on the type of lock you have and the age of your locks. A locksmith will check the lock before starting the work to rekey locks to make sure that the pins will take the adjustment. If the pins cannot be rekeyed, you will have to choose if you want the whole lock changed or only the locking mechanisms replaced.

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