Five Unusual Home Security Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

The best way of protecting your home from burglary is to make it difficult for thieves to break into. However, there are thieves who know how to get around most standard kinds of home security. This is why there are weird methods to protect your home from thieves. Here are just a few unusual ways that you can protect your home.

1. Move Alarm Keypad

Installing a security system is one of the best ways of deterring potential burglars, but they are not fool proof. Most times, alarm key pads are placed near the front or back doors because of convenience. However, these common areas mean that burglars know where to look and could easily see you enter the numbers. So, you should simply move the key pad to another area, or a place that is hard to see. Many times, having multiple keypads with difficult codes can also protect your home.

2. Dowel Rod in the Tracks of Sliding Glass Doors

It is hard to find a home today that does not have a sliding glass door. Sliding glass doors may allow natural lighting in, but they are not very secure. The easiest way of securing these doors is to place a dowel rod or something else in the tracks. The rod should be long enough to lodge the door against the wall. This means that even if someone unlocks the door, the door will not slide open.

3. Decoy Safes

Most burglars have a very short amount of time to grab items. They do not take the time to search everywhere, so they grab the first items that they think are full of valuables. Most times, a small decoy safe is enough to get burglars out of your home quickly because they think that it is full of valuables and that there is only one safe in the house. The decoy should also be filled with enough fake items to make it weigh something. You should also place it somewhere easy to see and move your real safe somewhere that is more difficult to find.

4. Avoid having Valuables in the Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is the first place that burglars look because this room is easy to find and access. Look around your master bedroom and see what valuables can be easily moved. Then think about where you can move them to that would be unexpected. Most times, burglars avoid kid’s rooms and the laundry rooms because these rooms do not have anything of value or take too long to search.

You should also leave fake jewelry and other valuable looking fake items in the master bedroom. Thieves want to make the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time possible.

5. Make Your Home Noisy

The reality is that thieves hate noise. There are many ways of making your home noisy such as adopting a dog or installing motion-activated lights and sounds.

Home security is important and can make your home hard to break into. A good locksmith can help you protect your home by switching your locks and even moving your security systems for you.

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